About Us

MANTZIARIS S.A. is active in the manufacture and sale of women’s fur clothing and accessories. Founded in 1991, the company has risen steadily and emerged as one of the most important and fast-growing companies in the sector. The company’s dedication to quality and its perfectionism have over the years built it a reputation that goes beyond Greece’s borders, giving it recognition on a global level. The company is based in Agia Kyriaki Kaloneriou, in Siatista, Greece, at a 2,500 square meter company-owned facility that includes the management, manufacturing/production, design, pattern production and laundry/dry-cleaning departments, as well as show rooms.

Brand Recognition

As Manzari has participated on numerous of exhibitions, it's trusted and recognized by the vast majority of companies in this area as well as individuals. The fact that our team consists of highly experienced and trainned professionals is the reason why our final products are always remarkable.

Unique like you

Each Manzari product can be customized or build from the ground up to your liking. You choose what materials you like and how they are put together to make the end result as perfect as it can be. Every product that comes out of our factory is identified with a unique Serial Number that you can use to verify its authenticity.

Quality Guarantee

Manzari can guarantee that your order will be completed precisely and on schedule due to our big manufacturing capacity. Any item not matching expectations or are defective can be returned back right away to be rectified or replaced. Click the button below to come in contact with us.


Visit our enchanting boutique stores located across the city and immerse yourself in the world of Manzari fur fashion. Each location exudes the essence of luxury and offers a personalized shopping experience. Discover the finest collection of fur clothing and accessories, andlet our knowledgeable staff assist you in finding the perfect piece to complement your style.


Experience Exquisite Design at Manzari Showroom in Dispilio.

Dispilio 520 56
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Experience the Magic of Handcrafted Excellence at Our Factory

Αγια Κυριακή, Kaloneri 503 00
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Indulge in a Luxurious Shopping Experience in Dubai's Heartland.

The Walk - Jumeirah Beach Residence - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Welcome to our shop on Cyprus Island where you can enjoy a visit during your vacation in beautiful Limassol!

Georgiou 'A 20, Limassol 4040, Cyprus
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